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Made for happy plants and even happier owners - our grow lights are designed to help plants suffering from insufficient light or for a boost during winter months.

Help your plants, baby plants, seedlings, succulents, cactus, bonsai or orchids thrive and provide them a vital ingredient for their growth - light source (we've heard talking to them does wonders too).


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Full Spectrum Plant LED Grow Lights with 3 Lights

Our story

Plants are our passion, and grow lights our tools of trade.  Unlike Elves, we operate all year round, reviving wilting, dying plants and sprucing up plant babies to set them on a wonderful journey of growth. If you love your plants as much as we do, you came to the right place.

Beleaf in Growth

Grow Lights for Plants

Looking for the perfect planting lights? Welcome to Grow Lights Official © - your No 1 resource for all things plant lights. We specialize in full spectrum LED grow lights for plants in all stages of growth, and all varieties. Our LED grow lights have been designed specially to cater for the needs of plants - all of our lights are full spectrum grow lights, offering the plants the benefit of full light source they need to thrive and grow into happy and healthy plants.

How to Use Grow Lights for Indoor Plants? Our Grow Lights are super easy to use - depending on the size of your plant, you should select the grow light model that works for you - clip on grow lights are better for smaller plants, while standalone bigger lamps for larger plants. Choose the desired light exposure your plants need, set up the timer and you're all set to go.

Shop the best grow lights in our store with confidence - we offer 30 days money back guarantee if you're not 100% happy with your purchase. If you're wondering how to use grow lights for indoor plants, don't forget to check our blog to learn more about the art of boosting plant growth and growing gorgeous foliage using our plant grow lights.