Can you use regular led lights for grow lights?

Can you use regular LED lights for your grow lights - a question that many of you are asking.

Short answer -  as long as the light delivers enough RAR to your plant, you can use it. 

There is no doubt that natural light is the best energy for your plants. When your plants can’t get enough natural light the best thing you can do is to add grow lights. You will help them to grow properly, to have shinier and greener leaves, and to bloom gorgeously. 

The best light bulbs contain both blue and red lights. The blue is good for foliage growth and the red is for flowering and fruiting. Grow lights are LED lights that emit specific wavelengths of light that copy the spectrum of the sun. 

By combining different colors of lights, plants are provided with an imitation of natural light that allows them to grow. Here is why choosing the right LED bulb is that important. You shouldn’t forget that the light is needed for the photosynthesis.

Can Any LED Light Be Used As A Grow Light?

There are several specifications of the lights you can run to while searching for LED lights.

Lumens, Watts, Lux, Color Temperature, or Foot candles - are important for humans. But none of these will help your plants grow better.

The lights that have features as RAR and PPFD are the ones that boost the growth process. 

Before you buy your grow light you need to learn how much light your plant actually needs.

Every plant has its special needs for watering, soil, humidity of the air, and of course not least a specific number of hours with light. There are some that prefer shadow in more than 60% of the day, and others that require 16 hours of light. 

It is important to say that if you want to help your plants grow healthier, and boost their flowering period, the LED light must contain both blue and red spectrum. 

One of the biggest advantages of grow lights is the fact that their lights can rotate and you can use them on all stages of growth of your plants. 

Using a Regular LED as a Grow Light

The normal LED lights also combine blue, red, and green lights to produce the white light which is normal light for residential, and commercial areas.

Of course this could make you think that these lights are suitable for growing plants. Unfortunately, the amount of this spectrum is not enough and  sufficient to affect the growth process of your plants.

In comparison, sunlight contains the full spectrum of colors and this is what plants use in different stages of their growth.

It is important to say the regular Led lights might increase leaf surface temperature which actually is the reason some of the main biological processes can’t proceed.